Guitar Setup

Can a guitar sound better than when it was new?

This may sound like a ridiculous question but the surprising answer is ‘Yes, it can!’.

From the new guitar’s manufacturing process to its initial storage in a box in a warehouse or propped up in your local music shop, there are many factors against it sounding and playing perfectly from the first strike of a chord.


Psychedelic Custom Guitar - Guitar Setup

Should I have a new guitar setup?


From beginners to proficient players, all will struggle if their new guitar or bass is not set up correctly. J Davey Guitars will evaluate all work to be carried out before beginning the setup; always with your budget in mind. Setups start at £60 plus new strings.

Guitar set ups will normally include:

  • Evaluation
  • Look for loose frets and repair
  • Fret dress – an additional charge may be added for this. The customer will be told beforehand
  • Polish frets
  • Neck relief adjustment
  • Adjust nut slots and lubricate if required
  • Clean and lubricate the bridge
  • Tremolo action adjusted to customer’s preferences
  • Check and adjust bridge saddles
  • Bridge height setting
  • Intonation
  • Adjust pickup height
  • Tighten any loose screws
  • Lemon-oil rosewood fret board
  • Switches and pots treated with contact cleaner
  • Clean and polish
  • New strings fitted

No two guitars or musicians are the same so a correctly set up instrument is essential.

I treat every guitar as though it was my own – your complete satisfaction with my work is guaranteed.

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