For a brand new custom guitar that looks ‘used’ the seasoned series is the one to go for.

Seasoned Series Guitars from J Davey Custom Guitars incorporate:

Solid Alder, Ash or Mahogany Bodies
Vintage Profile Necks
Custom Colours with Aged Paintwork Finish for that Used Look
Alnico Pick Ups
High Quality Hardware that can be given the Used Look
Set Up To Customer’s Spec

Prices starting from £799

Personal Guitar, Personal Touch…

Each guitar or bass comes with a specially engraved back plate displaying the customer’s name and the instrument’s serial number.

Popular Seasoned Styles include the Rory Gallagher look and for that telecaster from the 60s that never saw the light of day I can add the Closet Classic look. Call J Davey Custom Guitars today to discuss your requirements and let me build your dream guitar for you.

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